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Handmade Recycled Glass Gifts Company, Wales, UK

Ten Green Bottles Powys CIC is the original creative recycling company. We handcraft beautiful glass products from recycled glass bottles. 

Glass can be recycled again and again with no loss in quality, our company research and develop new methods to recycle glass and other materials creatively. We produce a range of high quality products such as stained glass (which can be tailored to your needs, see our commissions page), home accessories such as tumblers, coasters and spoonrests, to corporate gifts and awards.

As a social enterprise, people and the community are important to us. We offer supported roles to people of all abilities to enable them to gain experience and skills to develop themselves as well as giving them the chance of gaining sustainable employment in the future. Creativity helps people express themselves, and this shows through in our work - each piece has been individually handcrafted and lovingly transferred from a bottle into something beautiful.

Our products are the perfect gift, and we often bring out seasonal products too - so keep checking back for new products, or sign up to our newsletter. It is possible to customise most things, so detail anything in the 'personalise' box. 

We have some lovely new tumblers, inspired by the uncovering of the forest in Borth. They are £7 for a pair. Don't miss out on a celebration of the 'Petrified Forest'!

Our beautiful bottle clocks are now only £9! Don't miss on a wonderful essential household item! 


Featured products

Bottle Clock

If you like our spoonrests , you will love our new bottle clocks! Perfect gift. Comes with 1 x AA battery Easy attachment to wall... More

7 item(s)

Marmite Clock

Love or Hate Marmite, you will only love this clock! Add to it's quirkiness with not having the traditional 12 & 6, but 1 & 7. Beautiful elegant hands. More

10 item(s)

Bee Lightcatcher



Everyone knows humble bees are in decline. Help save the bees with this beautiful lightcatcher.

9 item(s)